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Jayda is an upcoming app created by Sean Jones, a fourth-year medical student at Wayne State University. Our purpose is to foster connections between people with disabilities and the communities who support them.

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Calling medical students, doctors, and residents

Clinicians can also join our growing network.

Current and future clinicians will form a key part of the Jayda community. As we progress toward the full release of the app in Q2 2023, we are actively seeking medical students, residents and doctors to lend their special expertise to the Jayda community.

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Jayda's mission

Jayda is an upcoming app built specifically for individuals with disabilities and their guardians. The app tailors programs, service providers and more to the needs of each individual.

How can I access Jayda?

Jayda is in the final stage of its multi-year development process, and is not yet available to the public. If you’re interested, please submit the form on this page and we will contact you when the app is available.